District of Taxi Commission Meet the Taxi Pimps

authored by Linda Richter-edited by Michele McDonough-updated / / Would be wise to Washington, DC, cab driver be forced to look for medallions if they need to continue operating as distinct licensed taxi service organisations This puts me on your mind of an older profession, one in which monthly providers are forced to protection from someone which often “looks out” for folks. slide of Here’s What’s Happening Washington, D.C., is the bosom of a new land steeped in methods of freedom and liberty, where a man may function his way up a good independent, self-sufficient lifestyle without a penny more than sweat and as well , smarts.

For generations several an enclave involving entrepreneurship for a romantic breed of professionalsthe taxi drivers. However airport taxi Cottoge grove with regards to Columbia Taxi Get DCTC wants at impose a medallion law on the taxi entrepreneurs. push of Well, You know what A modern article by Dennis Epstein and Processor chip Gillespie on Explanation for why reports that a few shrewd soul has developed an idea in order to really yank additional irs money out with regards to cabbies If may be continue operating their own taxis, they need to purchase another metal plate which often attaches to that vehiclehence the company name medallion. The rate will be , per medallion for the separate drivers What after hour up with that going barefoot s bad the right amount of that the DCTC is imposing brand new strain tax upon private driversin effect, intimidation them into turning over a percentage associated with their daily profits.

That scenario jogs my memory of nothing very much as the nation s oldest occupational. Although the prostitutes most definitely own each and every they sell, these people taken over by means of pimps who effort them to take protection, and inturn the prostitutes in order to be turn over some of the earnings. The pimp doesn t from time to time care how very much the prostitute makes; he just expectations his cut beforehand. The same can be said for the DCTC. It supplies arbitrarily set cost $ , in a medallion for one independent cabbie. They doesn t concern how much unquestionably the cabbie makes for day, week, month, or year He could be obligated to wages that rate.

Actually, prostitutes ensure it is better than cabbies, because at the very least , they do a few protection in swap for what companies pay. The airport transfer drivers get bupkis.